MON, also MONSHO, MONDOKORO, and KAMON, are words to indicate Japanese heraldic symbols. MON may refers to any symbol, while KAMON and MONDOKORO refer specifically to family symbols. MON are used in roughly the same way as badges, crests and family crests in European heraldry.
In the case of KIMONO MON are used to indicate the formality level of a KIMONO. FURISODE and wedding UCHIKAKE are by it´s style already considered to be formal kimono, but all other kimono styles for the normal japanese person are indicated by the existence or absence of KAMON. Formal levels are indicated by 1, 3 or 5 KAMON on the back, the sleeves and the fronts of the kimono, where 5 is the highest level.

As there exist many MON, there is a book that is a reproduction of a old shop manual that contains 4260 designs, we cannot reproduce all of them here, but you will find 220 different designs here to be able to be copied as you please.

Information taken from the ORIENTAL CULTURE CHART no 21.
Compiled and published by W.M. Hawley.